MK Electricals

MK Electricals

We are the authorized resellers of MK electricals all over Qatar as a wholesaler and as a retailer. MK Electricals is one of the very best in the market and they provide electrical supplies that include Logic Plus, Albany Plus, Aspect, Link, Edgge, Metal Clad Plus, Ceiling Accessories and so on.

What is unique about Electric Trade is that we are consistent in our services, provide quality products and has great customer service. We provide goods that are best in the market, which fulfills the industrial and commercial requirements of the customers.

Why Choose Us?

Best brand in the market

MK Electrics is one of the very best brands in the electric equipments industry and provides the highest quality products one can find in the market. It is also the most trusted brand when it comes to performance and reliability.


MK Electrics is a centuries old electrical equipment manufacturing company that gives utmost importance to safety. All the products under the brand are tried and tested in every possible way to provide the best experience to the customers.

Consistent service

All the products show the same level of quality and provide excellent performance over the years. It has consistent service and does not fall short of any features or standards. This is what makes MK Electrics stand out from other brands in the long run.

The Benefits

MK Electrical is a very well-known brand among the electrical equipments supply industry and is the most trusted brand among the authorized resellers. They provide services with unmatched quality and products have a comparatively long life. A lot of factors along with this have made MK Electrics the undisputed leader in the industry.

  • Great customer service is provided.
  • Products and services that is best in the market.
  • Customization according to the needs of the customers.
  • Stylish and state of the art products.

The most attractive feature of the brand is that even though it provides such high end products and services, the pricing is quite reasonable. Electric Trades can supply you with the best in the market MK Electrics products with the most reasonable pricing one can find in the market.