Disconnect Switch

Disconnector Switch

The disconnector switch can be considered as one of the most pivotal equipment when it comes to the overall safety of the firm. This is used to cut off the electrical power supply from the load which will result in the complete electrical isolation. The most important use of disconnector switches is to make sure that all the connected devices are devoid of power during a power system service. This is done so that the personnel working on the system during the service is completely safe. When compared to the load switches and the circuit breakers, the disconnector switch has only the sole role of creating an electrically isolated environment. The main purpose of a disconnector switch is to create a safe and secure environment for the servicing of electrical equipment. But before that, the flow of electricity to the system must be blocked by some other means. The degree of usage of a disconnector switch depends on the size and need of electricity and load required by the device. When it comes to heavy power consuming devices such as an air conditioning systems, it is more convenient to keep a switch close to the same, which contains a fuse and a disconnector. This way, the disconnector will be able to create an isolated electrical environment and the .fuse will cut off the supply of electricity. The best thing about Electric Trades is that we provide you with a wide range of disconnectors with various specifications. 100% safety is guaranteed and high impact resistant materials are used that ensures nothing less than the best services.