Earthing & Lightning Solutions

Earthing And Lightning Solutions

Prevention is always better than cure. By having a secure earthing and lighting protection system, we can avert a huge danger than might cause a major safety hazard to the building as a whole. Earthing system When it comes to electrical equipments that have a human contact on a daily basis, earthing is an unavoidable safety must have. This makes sure that the lightning has a low resistance path to pass through whenever a human being comes in contact with a line through which the current is flowing. If there is no such system in place, the electricity could pass through the humans which can be a serious theat. Lightning protection system When it comes to tall buildings, the biggest safety hazard is getting hit by a lightning. This can be fatal to the electric systems installed and the equipments used. By installing a lightning protection system, the rod or the system that is placed higher than the highest point of the building directs the lightning to the ground, without causing much harm to the surroundings. Electric Trades provides the best in the market earthing and lightning solutions that can keep your firm and its equipments safe.