MK Wiring Devices

MK Wiring Devices

Our wiring devices range from power sockets to ceiling accessories, light switches to dimmers and also includes appliance switches. We provide solutions to all sorts of connectivity issues faced by customers with products and services that include lighting controls and data management devices, receptacles and wall plates. Safety and reliability is assured.

Product Ranges

  • Light Switches
  • Power Sockets
  • Ceiling Accessories
  • Appliance Switches
  • Dimmers

MK Wiring Devices Ranges


From modest household settings to skyscrapers, MK Dimensions have products to go with almost any settings. It comes in a state of the art design that is devoid of any screws and appendages. There are also different types of finishes available such as metal and synthetic. Some of the latest products include USB sockets, LED dimmers, and multimedia plates available. There is a clip on front plate available along with a functional module that comes with the two-piece product solution. All the products are made with high standards and safe environments, with a long guarantee period and excellent performance. Customers can always be at peace when it comes to MK Electrics.


Made of wood, leather and stone, MK Elements is a collection of the most trendy and stylish wiring devices that are available in the market. MK elements are the perfect combination of latest designs and unmatched quality, which is indeed a rare combination. When it comes to the shade ranges, there are quite a lot to choose from. Be it the warm earthy shades or the funky “out there” colors, we have it all. It covers a wide range of materials from brushed steel to leather, chrome to glass and so on. You will have a fascinating time choosing the right product for your firm!


If you give equal importance to style and quality, then Aspect is the right product for you. It emphasizes on the beauty of simplicity without losing sight of standard and class. It is chic yet elegant, and has an air of sophistication to it. With a profile as thin as 4mm, it enables the room to have a neat and fuss free look.


Usefulness is the main objective when it comes to buying wiring devices. Along with that, what if we are also able to pull off a super stylish look? That is exactly what you get when it comes to Insignia. The products are super slim, with a width of just 1.5mm. Be it a modern setting, a contemporary or a traditional one, Insignia goes with almost anything you have in mind!

Logic Plus

With patented features and out of the world finish, Logic Plus even exceeds the British Standards! This is what makes the product range from MK Electrics so unique and desirable. It perfectly blends with almost any kind of settings from modern to traditional, but has an inclination to the contemporary settings. Made from high grade thermostat material, safety is guaranteed. With an inherent antimicrobial property, Logic plus becomes the logical choice for schools, hospitals and offices.


MK Avant comes with an ultra-stylish exterior, and super safe products. With slim line clip on plastic front plates and concealing fixing screws, it gives a clean and light look to the room.

Slimline Plus

One of the most practically feasible product lines of MK Electrics, Slimline Plus offers a large variety of accessories. These are made using Polycarbonate and has a high gloss finish. The installation process is also very simple and has special features that give a lot of room for movement.

Masterseal Plus

As the name suggests, this product seals away the important functions from unfavourable environments such as dust and water. It can be used for both external and internal settings, where complete safety is guaranteed. It has a rating of IP 66 which makes it the best choice for labs, pools and kitchens.

Materseal Compact

With the latest range of switches and sockets, the Masterseal Compact is used in situations where the device will be exposed to a large amount of dust and water. No matter how extreme the situation is, this IP 66 sealed and MK tested devices will provide utmost safety and high functionality. The added bonus is that along with all this heavy lifting, the devices are very much aesthetically pleasing. The stylish designs of the switches and sockets will surely be a plus to your rooms.

Metalclad Plus

The Metalclad Plus range of products is made to withstand the toughest of the toughest situations. These products are apt for workshops, garages, factories and electrical control rooms. These are made from the heavy gauge steel that can resist high impacts, hence are the best options available.


The product range includes a variety of accessories such as the connectors, industrial plugs, sockets, outlets and appliances. These are immune to almost all type of hazard such as high or low temperature and harmful chemicals.

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