About Verticals

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Electrical systems design can get complex for the hospitality industry. Many of the big hotels around the world have too many rooms spanning over multiple floors that the electrical systems have to be designed with extreme care and dedication. Even a minor mistake could cost the owners millions....
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The healthcare industry has transformed itself with technological advancements. Every hospital room is filled with electrical and electronic devices, both small and large, that are used for diagnosis and treatments. Since most of the hospitals contain many rooms, and a lot of them are designed for specific purposes....
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Airport electrical systems are complex and in need of constant power supply around the clock. The range of power requirements for an airport ranges from the travelers that could be using simple power outlets to the large air conditioning systems and the complex electronics systems that enable the aircraft to take off and land....
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Unlike any other industry that requires power, the metro industry requires a little bit of extra power since the train itself runs on the same electricity that powers the rest of the infrastructure as well....
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Hundreds of customers visit retail businesses every day. An uninterrupted power supply is as important as any other aspect of the retail market since not having proper power in place could....
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